Put your business front and center with ads

Gain greater visibility in the Shopizona app. Our platform gives you the tools to create, customize, and run engaging ads that spotlight your business in high-traffic places.

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Get noticed and grow your sales

Increase your orders

Get more orders from higher ad placements within customer feeds.

Tap into new customers

Reach more people by advertising your business to millions of potential customers.

Boost your visibility

Feature your business near the top of the Shopizona app for customers.

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Advertise your business without the hassle

Get your storefront seen. The Marketing tab in Shopizona Manager gives you access to ad tools that make it easy to run and customize effective ads.

You can select specific audiences to target. When and where your ads show up depends on your relevance to that customer and the strength of your bid compared with other businesses.

Your ads campaign will run indefinitely, and you can pause it at any time. Choose a weekly budget from the options provided in Uber Eats Manager (which are calculated based on projected monthly sales) or set a custom budget if you prefer. So you don’t exceed your budget, your campaign will pause if you hit your weekly maximum, then it will restart the following week.

Yes. Running multiple campaigns at once could maximize your results. With a variety of marketing solutions at your fingertips, you can hit your business’s goals in many different ways. Want to get noticed? We’ve got ads for that. More customers? Create a promotion to sweeten the deal. Better retention? Launch a loyalty program and keep customers coming back with rewards. To further enhance your visibility in the app, for example, use ads to support a promotion or loyalty program. By positioning your promotion or loyalty program higher in the feed, it’ll give your customers the extra incentive to tap.

Yes, you can pause, edit, and resume your ads at any time. Your campaign will also pause if you hit your weekly budget, then it will resume the following week.

You can view your ads’ performance by logging in to Shopizona Manager. See precise data on metrics like sales from ads, clicks, spend, and the average cost per click. Use the insights to optimize your campaign to help drive more sales.