Shopizona new term condition for shopizona merchant | Changes on commission and order penalty charges


We have decided to make some changes in our tram and condition, the change is we have made some changes in order condition and order time management, also document verification. Through this, we want to give some benefits so that everyone can improve their business well. We have changed some tram and conditions so that we can provide good satisfied and good service to the customer. These changes will be notified to you through our website. You will also receive email notifications. Through our Contract, you can download the PDF and e-sign the contract with us. In addition to this, your documents and PAN card bank account, and license will be added to the contract agreement and we will help to further the business by joining our partnership.

Following the successful submission of all of these details, a Shopizona representative will come to your location to verify the information and sign a Partnership Agreement.

The applicant will receive an acknowledgment message on both the supplied mobile number and email address once the registration is complete.

  • Commission Payment

Shopizona must receive payment of the commission in a timely manner. Furthermore, in order to attain the best outcomes, the menu and price listings must be maintained and updated on a frequent basis.

Commission fees charged by Shopizona

In emerging areas like Bengaluru and places where an eatery is new to the local population, Shopizona charges a commission of 10% to 15%. The eatery is required to pay Shopizona a percent commission. Meanwhile, to promote a specific restaurant, a commission of 4 percent to 7 percent must be paid.

About Shopizona

Shopizona’s mission is to create happier everyday lives. Starting in 2017, Shopizona offers services like restaurant discovery and reviews, and home delivery of food. It also works with restaurant partners to provide tools that enable them to engage and acquire more customers while empowering them with a last-mile delivery service and a one-stop procurement solution

Apart from this, Shopizona has been focusing on providing transparent and flexible earning opportunities to its delivery fleet and contributing toward a more sustainable society through its non-profit entity Feeding India.

Changes List

  • All payments are made through NEFT transactions (online banking) and the payment is made directly to the bank account within one week when the product delivered
  • The seller is bound to accept his /her delivered products if any defects are found.
  • The retailer is bound to bear an amount percent of 10 % as service charges to the company on the listed price uploaded on the platform.
  • The company will pay the retailer for successfully delivering the Products’ value excluding delivery charges.
  • If the item is late to be repaired and the customer wants to cancel or cancel the order, we will not pay you in any way.
  • You must use our application. If you are late to accept any order, you must pay the penalty of one hundred rupees. You must accept the order within 5 minutes.
  • If it is ever too late to prepare food or item and the customer is reluctant to accept the order due to maximum delay, you will not receive any amount from us and the order will be deducted from your wallet.
  • In that case, you may have physically left your store off but not using our app, and in the application, you did not close the store, if the order is placed there you will be deducted one hundred rupees from your wallet as a penalty.
  • The retailer will dispatch the order as early as possible without making a delay.

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