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We design your customized QR code for stickers and standees.

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We provide a smooth and secure onboarding process at a stipulated time.

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Just point your phone camera at the code.

QR Code Usage Take ways and Delivery

In response to COVID, restaurants have gone big with QR codes, those dotted squares now featured everywhere on menus, flyers, stickers, sidewalk signs and more. They’re popular not only for providing a touch-free experience, but also because they’re easy to use and open up a new world of benefits.

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How Customers Use QR Codes

Today’s smartphones have built-in QR Code readers with the camera, so there’s no special app to install. This creates very simple steps for customers:

  1. Point a phone camera at a QR code and wait for just a few seconds.
  2. A notification will pop up that, when clicked, will send you to a web page.
  3. These web pages can be anything – online menus, social media, ordering forms, and much more.
  4. Explore the menu on your phone, then enjoy your meal!
QR Code tt insert Shopizona

Best Ways to Display QR Codes

Once you upload your menu and create a QR code, you’ll need to post it around your restaurant. Here are some great ways to put your QR code where your customers can easily see and scan it

QR DineIn Shopizona


Give your customers the option to scroll through a digital version of your menu on a phone.

QR TableTent Shopizona

Table Tents

Put the QR code right in front of your customers in an unobtrusive manner with free-standing table tents.

QR TableTentInsert Shopizona

Tabletop Inserts

Just slide the insert into the holder and start scanning.

QR Poster Shopizona


A cheap and effective means to post your QR code all over your windows and walls.

QR Stickers Shopizona

Stickers & Labels

Turn every surface into an opportunity to display your QR Code.

QR RackCards Shopizona

Rack Cards

Make your promos pop with QR codes on rack cards.

QR BizCards Shopizona

Business Cards

Stand out when you network with business cards that make it easy for customers to look you up.

QR Flyer Shopizona


Spread your menu all over town with flyers featuring your QR code.

The Power of Shopizona' QR Codes

Our QR Codes give restaurants an endless number of ways to serve customers through their phones. The codes can be used with each of our 10,000 design templates, including menus, table signs, posters, flyers, business cards and much more.